The Power of Nine: The Drivers of Authenticity

The DNA of Authentic Engagement is made up of three essential strands: Management behavior, Customer benefits and Society outcomes.

Each strand is made up of three individual drivers. Management behaviors are driven by ‘doing right,’ more ‘consistent performance,’ and ‘credible communications.’ Customer benefits are a combination of ‘better value,’ ‘customer care,’ and ‘innovation.’ And finally, Society outcomes are driven by ’employee care,’ wider ‘community impact,’ and ‘care of the environment.’

Together these nine authenticity drivers provide the code of conduct to understanding and managing authentic engagement. They map to the agendas of today’s stakeholders and how they engage with a company.


Tell a Complete Story

Too often companies focus the vast majority of their resources and talent on telling a story about the benefits of the products and services they sell. These messages dominate the narrative.

But it’s really only half the story.

Engaged consumers across the globe say that only half (51 percent) of their perceptions and beliefs about a company are shaped by attributes related to companies’ products and services.

The other half (49 percent) is shaped by information regarding how management behaves and how the company is having an impact on society.

So when companies fail to talk about these things with as much for and conviction as they do their products, they are creating a vacuum. And consumers are going elsewhere to fill it.

Consideration: Shaping your corporate narrative

Use the Nine Drivers as a framework for evaluating your current corporate brand messages or creating fresh ones. Which drivers matter most to achieving your business goals? Are you creating a balance in your narrative that reflects the expectations of your audiences?