The Engaged Consumer

Customer engagement is the depth of the relationship a customer has with a brand. It is built, worn away and rebuilt (or destroyed) with every brand interaction, whether that’s making a purchase, sharing a product Tweet or blog, investing in a company, writing an online review, having a conversation with a friend, or any other active engagement. This engagement provides a pro-active, conscious lens from which the consumer is able to decide among categories, companies and brands.


What does an Engaged Consumer look like?

Engagement takes a few different forms. Each of these represents a behavior of an Engaged Consumer.


When considering a company’s corporate reputation, these Engaged Consumers are more likely to be:

Informed Purchasers – They seek information about brands and the companies making products and services.

Evangelists – They speak to family and friends about a company, whether they’re a purchaser or not. They also consume and re-broadcast company content to their social networks.

Responders – They engage in dialog with a company and its brand, providing feedback. Don’t discount their value, as customer feedback is a vital component of product and brand development. These people feel invested in the brand, as if they were employees. Others seek their advice.


Engaged Consumers shape how companies are perceived- the expectations of how companies should behave and how companies are performing relative to their expectations.