The Nine Driver Blueprint

What is the Nine Driver Blueprint?

To help organizations close the gap between their brand and reputation, we use the framework of FleishmanHillard’s Nine Drivers of Authenticity – those attributes that most shape our perceptions and beliefs about an organization. These Nine Drivers map to the agenda of today’s stakeholders and are the construct for crafting a communications approach to define and differentiate the organization.

The first step is to create an actionable and tangible blueprint built on smart research and insights for your team. This means aligning business and communications goals, prioritizing audiences, and setting clear measurement and KPIs at the start. The blueprint keeps teams on task, provides a sense of shared progress and establishes clear deliverables.

How does the Blueprint work?

Your leadership team works hand in hand with FleishmanHillard’s industry and practice leaders to build the blueprint together. Leaders from multiple disciplines (e.g. marketing, customer service, corporate communications, sales, HR, legal, etc.) are invited to sit with our team to discuss how communication can better address their business needs.

We use an ordered sequence of proven questions to build foundational strategies by mapping your business against the Nine Drivers. The output is visualized through placemats that keep teams on task, provide a sense of shared progress and establish post-session deliverables.

What Steps Do We Take to Build the Blueprint?

1. Research and Insights


First, existing internal research is gathered and external research completed if necessary. FleishmanHillard draws on its extensive research resources to understand the social and political landscape as well as the current positioning of competitors or peers. From this research, key insights are derived and questions are designed to explore specific business needs.

2. Blueprint Session


Starting with the end in mind, we work with you to set specific communications goals that have a clear link to the business and matter most to your executive team. These in turn are used to establish the measurement and KPIs we need to gauge success.

Audience Mapping: Every organization has a long list of stakeholders. It’s important to prioritize and map which audiences you most need to achieve your business goals. We then unpack what drives, influences and best reaches them.

Mapping Your Authenticity Drivers: Finally, we explore the company’s strengths and vulnerabilities against the Nine Drivers that most shape our perceptions and beliefs about an organization. Which drivers are most critical to your business success? Which drivers are strong performers, and which are potential vulnerabilities? The critical discussion leads to our best discoveries of hidden assets that can be amplified to enhance your reputation as well as strategies for how to better differentiate you from the competition.

3. Deliverables


The results of the working sessions are compiled to create a single blueprint that all team members endorse and can act upon. It creates a common language around strategy, which can be extended across business units/markets and easily understood. All elements are delivered in a unified visual that helps create buy-in and sets the path forward for activating a full-on program.