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Is Authenticity Overhyped?

Kristin Kryway Hollins

December 1, 2017

Authenticity. It’s officially a buzzword, and an important one at that. I recently attended several industry events, and authenticity was the subject of many conversations, and for good reason. People are hungry for real-ness. We seem to be yearning for...

Best Practices for Engaging Employees in Cybersecurity

Holly Anderson

September 26, 2017

When companies take a check-the-box approach to educating and engaging their employees in their cybersecurity efforts, they make a critical mistep. More than half of all breaches can be linked to insiders. These mistakes can be costly to an organization’s...

5 Steps to Protect Brands From Employees’ Controversial Politics

Pia Singh

September 12, 2017

U.S. business leaders are facing “new kinds of pressure from within—from employees who expect their company to stake out positions on numerous controversial social or economic causes, and from board members concerned with reputational issues,” a NY Times article says....

Authenticity in an uncertain world

John Saunders

August 14, 2017

A great story, beautifully crafted and well told, will engage and enrich even the toughest audience. But get it wrong and you will feel a surge of disappointment that will cost you dearly. The newly released 2017 Authenticity Gap study...

CSR has a PR problem, and it’s not going away

Paul Afshar

August 2, 2017

It took only three days for the first corporates to step up to fill the vacuum left by Donald Trump’s exit from the Paris accord. Silicon Valley spoke first, followed by a chorus of CEOs, from Elon Musk to Jeff...

Outspoken CEOs and Tweeting in the Time of Trump

Elizabeth Borrelli

May 19, 2017

The first 100 days of the new U.S. political administration has continued to be a significant period of change for CEOs as they learn how to adapt to the new environment and how to reassure both consumers and employees that...

Does United Airlines really have a PR problem?

Angela Carmichael

April 12, 2017

Two days have passed since the now-infamous United Airlines incident and as professional communicators, it is important to glean as many lessons as possible from this disturbing event. The most important point I want to address is that the overwhelming...

Companies Need to Plan for Handling a Cybersecurity Breach

Angela Carmichael and Imran Ahmad

March 27, 2017

Our shift to a digital society has seen the emergence of a new kind of crime: stealing data and attacking company networks, whether for financial gain, to send a political message, or sometimes simply to prove a point. Not surprisingly,...

Communicating a Data Breach: Choose Your Words Carefully

Leslie Walsh

March 17, 2017

Cyber connectivity has enabled companies to understand and interact with consumers in a far more sophisticated way than ever before. At the same time, hackers are increasingly upping the ante with schemes and full-blown attacks that are becoming impossible to...

The Asian Century: An opportunity for innovation over isolationism

Rachel Catanach

February 27, 2017

In the words of Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin’. Last year delivered two historic changes in the West: Brexit and the election of President Trump. The implications for international tax, trade and immigration are great. But from the...

Election Spotlight Brings CEOs Into the Forefront

Elizabeth Borrelli

February 26, 2017

The chief executives of big companies are always keen to promote their companies and their brands in the media. But in the fourth quarter of 2016, the outcome of the presidential election gave CEOs even more to talk about in...

What Is the Responsibility of an Organization for the Facts It Puts Into the Public Domain?

Peter Verrengia

February 17, 2017

For the past 40 years, I would have expected to answer this question in this one sentence: “All audiences have a reasonable expectation that an organization is responsible for the facts it puts into the public domain.” For clarity, I...