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A truth well told…PR professionals should keep the art of writing alive

Rachel Catanach

November 18, 2015

Content marketing specialists seem to be the new “job du jour”. Every creative and communication firm wants one and those that have them claim that their person can create gold from straw. For PR professionals, now is the time to...

Cheaters never win, in love and reputation

Angela Carmichael

September 17, 2015

As FleishmanHillard in Toronto prepares to unveil our latest Authenticity Gap research results on September 22, the need to take stock of how reputations and brands are made and lost has never been more obvious. In today’s connected world, public...

Protecting Corporate Reputations with the Investment in a Cybersecurity Team

Janet Robinson

September 16, 2015

All too often in the age of digital communication, corporations are faced with cyber security attacks that lead to data breaches involving loyal customer’s secure financial and identity information. When these cybersecurity attacks become public, the reputation of the corporation...

Cybercrime – from the IT Department to the Boardroom

Brian West

September 8, 2015

Where we shop and what we purchase, to how we travel to work, we constantly give up personal information for the sake of convenience – the Internet of Things (IOT) has effectively made mines out of our mobile phones for...

Cannes – The short and long of it. From Lions to Elephants.

Rachel Catanach

August 26, 2015

The dust is settling following the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The winners of the coveted gold Lions were decided following a marathon judging effort. The results were then dissected amidst a whirlwind of backchat and canapés. Among...

Who Says What You Say?

Paul Dusseault

August 3, 2015

Marshall McLuhan’s mantra, “The medium is the message” is never so on display as in the selection of a spokesperson in times of crisis. Nor is the Authenticity Gap – the delta between an organization’s behavior and the public’s expectation....

Authentic sponsorship – a win for athletes, fans and internal teams

Leslie Walsh

June 15, 2015

Two exciting events dominated women’s sport last week – the FIFA Women’s World Cup kick off and, perhaps lesser known, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. And while FIFA continues to inspire debate around ethics and equality in sport, KPMG’s backing...

From Know Thyself to Be Thyself. Proust Questionnaire first step to enlightenment

Rachel Catanach​​​​​​

April 29, 2015

Every CEO should have a go at answering the Proust Questionnaire. You know the one. It forms the basis of Vanity Fair’s inside back page and has questions like: What is your greatest fear? Which words or phrases do you...

If the shoe fits and looks great, do ethics really matter?

Leslie Walsh​​

April 28, 2015

I recently purchased a suit from the Canadian apparel company Judith & Charles. I was drawn by the cut and fabric, and sold on fit and price – at 30 per cent off, it was a steal. Days later, when...

The Power of the POV

Nick Andrews​

April 15, 2015

I was talking to a friend last week who was vexed. Why, he wondered, was his colleague, a man with over 40 years of experience in his sector, so reluctant to express a point of view? He clearly had one....

Expectation Leaders move beyond disruptive innovation by truly understanding what customers want

Betsy Neville

March 25, 2015

Netflix revolutionized the TV Industry. Chipotle promises “Food with Integrity.” CVS banned tobacco product sales company-wide. Starbucks introduced free Wi-Fi at all stores. PayPal paved the way for mobile payments and IKEA introduced furniture to charge your phone. These companies...

Critical Corporate Reputation Builder…The Voice of Employees

Janet Robinson

March 16, 2015

Many words of advice have been written on the subject of reputation and on the critical factors that contribute to the development of a world class corporate reputation. A list of these factors often include mission, core values, product or...

Five Tips for Corporate Leaders in the Year of the Goat

Rachel Catanach

March 5, 2015

February 19, 2015 heralded the beginning of the Year of the Goat. Whatever your views on the Chinese zodiac signs, the start of the new year is an opportune time for companies to reflect on their own predictions for the...

You Have Been Measuring the Wrong Things

Jake Rosen

February 23, 2015

Public relations and communications professionals not only safeguard the reputation of brands, but they also have the important job of helping to shape the ever-evolving, external perception of brands. In order to show a brand where they need to go,...

The Power of Propaganda

Nick Andrews

February 19, 2015

A while ago I visited the British Library in London and caught an excellent exhibition called “Propaganda: Power and Persuasion.” At it, multimedia displays covered everything from the use of propaganda to demoralise the enemy during wartime, to its use...