Nick Andrews is the EMEA Leader of the Reputation Management Practice at FleishmanHillard.

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Day 4:

The Message Jungle

As communicators, how much time do we spend trying to craft the perfect message? By the time the key message document has gone through its umpteenth draft, most of us have lost the edge and excitement we started with and are no closer to the simple, communicable and attractive missive we set out to create. Why is it so hard?

At some point in recent history, we moved from telling stories to crafting messages, and this shift hasn’t necessarily been for the best. Storytelling is as old as humankind and people are hardwired to respond to narrative, but most companies struggle to plug into this basic truth to cause their audiences to take notice, engage and respond.

FleishmanHillard’s research into Authenticity has shown, empirically, the core themes and values that drive reputation and engagement. Map your messages – your story – to these reputation drivers, back it up with practices and behaviors that align with audience expectations, and you will have helped your company and brands cut through the jungle for true progress.

The right messaging – stories – grounded in business goals provides an opportunity to build engaged relationships which will support, build and protect your company’s reputation.

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