Polling Experts

The Expert Consumer

ExpertConsumerExpert Consumers are compelled in the polling to rank their expectations and experiences of companies using the Nine Drivers of Authenticity.

The Authenticity Gap methodology is based on polling a subset of the general population we call ‘Expert Consumers’. They are not the average consumer. They are not generally ‘informed’. They are experts in specific categories in which they have a higher level of interest, knowledge, engagement and influence.

A representative sample of the general population is screened for:

  1. Personality based on the Big 5 theory – the most widely accepted, empirical and data driven model of personality psychology.
  2. Attitudes to amongst other things; commercial culture, curiosity about new products and technologies, concept of value.
  3. Behavioral characteristics such as media consumption, level of networking activities, willingness to share information and experiences with others.

The ability to identify ‘Expert Consumers’ from the general population was developed by Lepere Analytics.

Lepere Analytics methodology ‘flips’ the traditional recruitment process by identifying Expert Consumers before category or brand engagement. We believe ‘Expert Consumers’ are the best
data source to understand and anticipate authentic engagement and momentum from the consumer perspective because their level of interest and engagement in a category or organization’s activity encompasses both brand and reputation.

This methodology is U.S. Patent Pending.