Outspoken CEOs and Tweeting in the Time of Trump

May 18, 2017

By: Betsy Borrelli

The first 100 days of the new U.S. political administration has continued to be a significant period of change for CEOs as they learn how to adapt to the new environment and how to reassure both consumers and employees that they will successfully navigate this ever-changing environment.

While it’s no surprise to see the Trump administration dominate U.S. CEO conversation, it’s striking to see how varied the corporate response has been. Whether CEOs chose to be outspoken and directly comment on President Trump’s actions or chose to look at the bigger picture and emphasize company values, many executives chose to share their perspective, increasing their visibility in both traditional and social media.

FleishmanHillard has been monitoring the conversations of 30 of the most influential U.S. CEOs for more than a year, to gain insight into the most notable topics and communications methods impacting stakeholder relationships, reputation and business goals.

In the face of rapidly changing policies and politics, it’s a particularly important time for senior executives and the communications counselors that support them.

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Betsy Borrelli is senior vice president and partner in FleishmanHillard New York’s Reputation Management practice. You can reach her here for more information.