The Authenticity Report – Germany ​Headlines
Almost twice as many Germans expect companies to align financial and social returns compared to the UK, US and Canada.To demonstrate they are committed to doing the right thing, nearly one in every three German consumers surveyed expect companies to align financial returns with social returns to demonstrate they are committed to doing the right thing. This is nearly twice as many as in the US, Canada or the UK.


German consumers strike a balance for the greater good

Like their counterparts in other countries, German consumers want innovative products and services, better customer care and better value – but not at a cost to society. They value employee care, community impact and care of environment more highly than US, Canadian or British consumers.


To take care of their employees German companies are expected to communicate honestly and frequently about company issues

German consumers expect companies to communicate honestly and frequently with their employees, providing them with regular information about how company matters might affect them. This strongly outweighs a nurturing company culture and is different from all other countries. In the UK, Canada and US, companies with very different corporate cultures are first expected to offer comprehensive benefits that take care of employees’ lifestyle and offer peace of mind.


In Germany care of environment and consistent performance drive advocacy

Peoples’ support or opposition for companies to increase their business presence and employment opportunities in their community is most strongly linked to two of the nine drivers. There are strong correlations between local advocacy and how well or poorly a company takes care of the environment. The correlations are also strong for how consistent a company is in its operational performance. These correlations are both positive and negative; consumers are very willing to advocate for companies that are seen to take care of the environment and perform consistently – but won’t for companies that don’t.​


A good job taking care of the planet, but don’t forget the people

A mixed group of NGOs is falling short of Germans’ expectations of doing the right thing. The survey shows that people believe NGOs are favouring taking care of the environment over taking care of people.


Emerging transport options: who needs to own a car?

Car clubs, intercity bus services and new apps are all providing alternatives to car ownership for people on the move. Innovation in transport rules, with better value and customer care playing an important secondary role.


Over-the-counter medicines not telling the complete story in Germany

The problem for the industry is that consumers do not find communications from these companies credible – only one is exceeding expectations. Even if companies provide more innovative solutions, take better care of consumers and offer better value they’re not able to tell their complete story.


Audit & Consulting firms are neither listening to their clients nor performing as expected

Expectations of customer care, closely followed by consistent performance, are consumers’ two highest expectations in Germany. All companies but one are falling short of both.


Dairy brands in need of fresh ideas

German consumers’ highest expectation of Dairy brands is that they deliver innovation, i.e., new tastes, new flavors and new healthy options. All brands but one are falling short of expectations of innovation.