Speaking Engagements & Webinars

Crafting a Compelling Story: Top Ten Tips

FleishmanHillard combines strategic counsel with constant innovation to help companies that need help getting their start-up business out there. FH Toronto met with start-up companies at MaRS to discuss this challenge. The session was focused on the infographic of top ten tips designed by FH Toronto.

Webinar: What You Need to Know to Be Sure Your Company Behaves Authentically in 2016

Hosted by Marjorie Benzkofer, FH Chicago, and Nick Drew, FH Toronto, the webinar discussed the findings of the most recent Authenticity Gap study. Among findings to be released this month:

  • How management behaves and the company’s impact on society make up nearly half of what shapes our perceptions and beliefs about a company – it’s about much more than the latest and greatest in your products.
  • Consumers are prioritizing value over innovation when it comes to products and services.
  • Our expectations of what makes a great place to work are shifting considerably.
  • And despite the fact that consumers’ interest in the environment is increasing, people believe companies are doing and saying less about it.
  • Finally, company-owned content surprisingly is gaining credibility over social media.