Authenticity Gap in the News

Agree or Disagree, Consumers Expect Organizations to Speak Out On Issues that Matter to Them US Report from FleishmanHillard Uncovers it’s How Companies Take a Stand That Determines Their Success. Press release, October 3, 2018

DACA and the age of corporate activism  Not long ago, the worlds of politics and business were separate. No longer. Dominic Pendry explains how, to some extent, corporate leaders are playing catch-up to public attitudes. In our recently published Authenticity Gap research, we found the expectation on companies and their leadership has changed dramatically in recent years, and not just in the U.S. PRWeek, November 7, 2017

Consumers don’t trust what CEOs are saying  According to a new global survey from communications firm FleishmanHillard, employees are nearly three times more credible on average than company leaders. RetailWire, October 19, 2017

For Many Big Companies, the Edsel Lesson Is Yet to Be Learned  Even today, there is often a big disconnect between what people expect from some of the world’s most prominent brand-name corporations and what customers actually experience. MediaVillage, September 20, 201

Kroger’s “moonshot” to solve hunger, eliminate waste  The ambitious announcement from Kroger comes on the heels of a new survey detailing an “authenticity gap” among big companies. Specifically, according to FleishmanHillard’s Authenticity Gap report​​​​​​, retailers seemingly no longer have the option to be silent on social issues. Retail Leader, September 19, 2017

Agency Brief: Number of the week  84 – the percent of Americans who say a CEO’s behavior is linked to the expectations of the company he or she leads, according to FleishmanHillard’s annual Authenticity Gap study. Advertising Age, September 15, 2017

What retail leaders need to know about the authenticity gap  Retailers no longer have the option to be silent on divisive social issues, according to the fourth iteration of FleishmanHillard’s Authenticity Gap report. Retail Leader, Septemer 13, 2017

Ethical Management, Societal Influence Shapes Greater Share of Brand Perception The behavior of management and the ways in which an organization impacts society are now widely responsible for people’s perceptions of a company. O’Dwyer’s, September 13, 2017

5 takeaways from FleishmanHillard’s Authenticity Gap study  Consumers lack confidence in corporations’ cybersecurity ability, expect brands to participate in societal issues, and other key takeaways. PRWeek, September 12, 2017

Do customers really want a coffee company to help them understand veterans?  Scott Radcliffe discusses Starbucks’ new initiative to close the civil-military divide at a time consumers expect more companies to step up their corporate citizenship efforts. PRWeek, August 25, 2017

Are UK banks too innovative?  A detailed new multi-industry survey has highlighted the critical difference opening up between customer expectations and business priorities in the banking industry, with companies seen as succeeding on innovation but falling far short on customer care and offering basic value., August 23, 2017

The enterprise services sector: expectation vs reality A detailed new multi-industry survey has highlighted for the first time the often critical differences between customer expectation and experience in the enterprise services industry, with many companies failing to deliver the value that customers crave. information age, August 22, 2017

Are your communications teams clued up on cybersecurity?  From online shopping and management of personal finances through to business and government operations, we are all using technology on a daily basis – but how much about its safety do we actually know? PRWeek, August 10, 2017

How companies can communicate credibly with the csuite podcast We’ve partnered with the csuite podcast to discuss the findings of our UK 2017 Authenticity Gap Report. the csuite podcast, July 25, 2017